[ DSM pic ]'95 DSM Shootout

The Third Annual DSM Shootout was held on May 26th, 1995, at the Norwalk Raceway in Norwalk, OH. It was TOO cool! There were at least 30 DSM machines there, all were fast and schweet. Here's a picture of one of the many lineups that took place that day.

First, huge thanks go out to Dave Buschur for putting this annual event on for a third year in a row. Everyone is looking forward to attending again next year. The date will be the same...the Friday before Memorial Day, so mark it on your calendars and get those days off.

Parking lot, before

Anyway, on to the pics. First are a couple pictures of the parking lot after most everyone arrived. This is broken up into two parts... the left side and the right side. These pictures aren't very clear, but it's hard to fit so many fine automobiles into just two pictures ;-). Here's a closer look at some of them.

The '95s

There were 3 '95s actually AT the shootout (and another back at the hotel). None of these had any real mods to them yet, but they still managed a respectable 14.8 during the day and 14.6 that evening. Here's a picture of one of the black '95s and here's a picture of the most colorful '95 there...


Times were consistently high as suggestions were made by some of the best DSM people in the country. A nice listing of the fastest DSM 1/4 mile times can be found here. Many of these times were achieved at the shootout and serve as a testiment to the popularity of this event.


After a FULL day of racing, most of the DSM'ers headed out to grab some pizza. Here's a picture of part of the line up outside the raceway. Some others stuck around for even more drag strip fun that night at the open Time & Tune session. Here's a picture of a souped-up Firebird and a stock '95 Eclipse about to do battle that evening. Needless to say, the Eclipse didn't fare so well that run... Here's a picture of the line up that evening. There were WAY too many cars there, but it was fun just the same.

The day after

That morning everyone met at Starks Restaurant for some fine eatin'. In addition to the food was some more good advice being given out at the question-answer session. Dave dodged most questions about mods for the '95s fairly well, but other than that, things were answered very nicely. Once breakfast was over, everyone rallied out to Dave's house for the coolest car show to date... Here's a picture of just about ALL the cars that were there. Again, many thanks go to Dave for the GREAT barbeque and great time had by all.