Mitsubishi Galant VR-4

In 1991, Mitsubishi introduced a model of the Galant called the VR-4. They sent (built in Japan, and sent them to the US) 2000 VR-4s in 1991 and 1000 in 1992. They have lots of great things to offer as standard equipment, with only a couple of factory-available options.

Do you want to see one? Well, here is a Picture of a black '92 Galant VR-4 (owner Ron Gregory <>.

Many people have had lots of good things to say about the Galant VR-4. Here is a (probably NOT complete) list of some of the VR-4 articles that exist.

Standard Equipment on the Galant VR-4

This is a list of most of the important equipment that is standard on the VR-4. Of course the car comes with doors and silly stuff like that.

Factory Options available on the Galant VR-4

This is the list of options available from the factory for the Galant VR-4.


Here is what some folks have to say about the Galant VR-4.