For TechnoMotive, try here.

After running for 15 years, the server that hosted this site crashed hard. I've found a raw copy of this site from 2000-10-01. Unfortunately, the content was partially dynamic and resurecting that could prove to be painful. I've placed all the static content on here so many of the inbound links from Google and other places should still work.

In the meantime, you can try this link from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine that will get you most pages (kinda slow though).

I didn't really update the site at all since about 2003, so there is probably not that much missing aside from the archives. I know I have a complete ghost image of this site from 2006 somewhere around here, just a matter of finding it.

If you ever bothered to complete scrape the site and have the copy around, please contact me dsmtoday@gmail.com

DNS for the DSM.ORG domain should be working again for sites that don't rely on HTTP redirection. I'm not going to bother with rebuilding the URL redirector, however, I will do hand coding of Apache scripts to make it work, so if you have a *.dsm.org shortname that redirected to a long URL, email dsmtoday@gmail.com and I will get it in there for you.